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And on the N+45th day god created paint...

... and he flung it upon the walls of his abode and he saw that it was good, or at least better than what the last guy had. The paintwork, she is done (except the bathroom which has one or two small construction projects left and two closets which I have to get construction crap out of before I can paint them).
These pictures are after the first coat, but the second coat didn't materially change the look. I like bold colors -- Can you tell?
Livingroom walls
So on the left we have the living room - pretty similar to what it was before, except I used a REAL blue (PO had a turquoise color - it was not pretty). The wall that looks yellow isn't (it's actually a sandy color but the iphone gets confused with the indoor lighting). The blue concerns me (it's darker than I thought it would be), but I'll be breaking up the walls with pictures and such so we'll see how that works out. Worst case it's only paint and I can go over it with a lighter color.
Bathroom Hall
On the right is the "hallway" leading into the bathroom -- The color balance on this is pretty close to what it is in real life (it's just slightly redder than NY Mets orange). There's probably less than 100 square feet of this color in the apartment, which is probably a good thing since it's a very strong color. It's also the only color you don't see when you walk in the door.
Next up - Furnishing


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