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As promised... Pictures

So I promised y'all pictures - I'm only 2 days late in delivering. Shut up and deal.
(In case y'all too stupid to figure it out - Click the pictures to make 'em bigger.)
The new light...
This light replaces the crappy pendulum thing the previous owner had. It actually lights up the room. Notice the rather haphazard primer job :)
The new cabinets
These cabinets replace the crappy 1980s laminate-over-particleboard job that previously ruined my kitchen. Infinitely nicer, and make of WOOD!
I couldn't get a good picture of the corner cabinet with the glass door.
The new fridge, and more cabinets
The refrigerator is a refrigerator - It will keep my food cold (I don't love it, I don't hate it, but it's infinitely better than the previous unit since it works :). The cabinets are more cabinets - You can see the door style better here.
The Floor
The previous floor was yucky vinyl tile. This floor is nice ceramic tile. The edge work is a tumbled stone trim (one of those glued-onto-a-nylon-backer jobs), and does a nice job separating the rooms.
The "wood" (laminate) floor is the one left by the previous owner, it's in OK shape so I'm not redoing it yet...
Next pictures will be post-painting (and possibly post-furnishing).


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Joe on :

*Hey Mike - nice place! I sent you an email and an IM within the past week or so and never heard back; trying to see if you're interested in working on a project I'm working on and need some expert UNIX help. Gimme a shout out when ya can. Big Joe Po

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