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Pictures Coming Soon

What have I been doing you ask? Working on that damn co-op, that's what! It's torture I say! Torture! So if I remember to make my lazy-ass take some pictures of the new place I'll be posting them tomorrow. Kitchen is 87% done (counters need to go in, then a final coat of paint). Bathroom is 75% done (Fix hole in wall where previous idiot put ginormous medicine chest thing so big you couldn't even turn around in the damn bathroom!) Rest of the place is about 33% done (Fix the crap job previous idiot did with wood putty on the molding (somehow he managed to get it everywhere but in the gaps and nail holes), sand the float job I did on the busted plaster, prime, paint and furnish)
So what have I gotten done? Well, here's the project lists off the top of my head:) Kitchen: + Remove 1980s drab particleboard-and-laminate counters and cabinets + Remove 1980s drab refrigerator + Remove 1980s heavy-water nuclear reactor (microwave) + Remove 1960s vinyl tile floor (yuck?) + Patch "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" hole behind 1980s drab counter and cabinet (Seriously, 4' by 4' hole in my wall!). + Patch various smaller holes and cracks in wall + Lay new floor (ceramic tile) + Install new cabinets (real wood FTW) + Replace nasty-ass buzzy crappy flourescent light with attractive, non-buzzy flourescent light. - Install new countertop (Silestone - Engineered Quartz Composite) - Final paint Bathroom: + Fix busted-ass electrical + Remove ginormous medicine cabinet thing from my wall - Fix hole from ginormous medicine cabinet thing - Fix tile in the area affected by above hole - Install lighting fixture that "doesn't suck" - Finish tile job (edge tiles) Rest of the place + Fix holes in my walls left by previous idiot + Replace busted steam shutoff on #2 radiator - Replace cracked steam shutoff handle on #1 radiator - Replace steam blow-off/air purge valves on all radiators - Fix moldings (sand, install where missing) - Prime & Paint - Fix minor damage to floor Leaving this one open to LJ comments for a change. I'd really rather you click through and leave a comment on the REAL blog though


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