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Broken... and now, UnBroken


So yeah, I decided to upgrade the server to FreeBSD 7.2 in preparation for the 7->8 transition.

SOMEHOW (IT speak for "I'm sure it's my fault, but I don't know what the fuck I did to cause it") flexo wound up with the GENERIC kernel instead of his nice customized one.  Customized with all sorts of essentials, like GEOM_MIRROR which provides my RAID.

So obviously the system wasn't going to boot.

I did this on 9/10

CoLo closed(ish) on 9/11

Server fixed 9:30 on 9/14

Spam flow resumed 9:31 on 9/14

Kernel rebuilt. Much other tuning done.

Postgres and Apache upgrades next week.    Hard to really fuck those up.

(Oh, and maybe I'll implement off-site backups now and stop being a douche)