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Spammers begone! I'm quite pleased - It doesn't solve the problem of the infected computers that comprise the botnets controlled by the folks hosted at McColo (so they could just start up again at another ISP), but at least it quiets the spam wars down for a few weeks. I'll take good news wherever I can get it :) Now, all of you motherfuckers with unpatched virus laden computers listen up: You're just as bad... no, you're WORSE than the McColo's of the world -- Clean your shit up so they can't keep using your machines for cannon fodder. Anyone with half a brain knows that this is just a blip and they'll be moving their machines to a new home (probably offshore with more unscrupulous upstream providers - the kind that don't care enough to cut off spammers and child pornographers but are too big for our Tier 1s to just kick off the internet), so take this reprieve for what it is and patch the holes in your roof! KTHXBAI.