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Wow... Comment Spam...

MetaBlog Like... Wow.... I actually got COMMENT SPAM on my blog! Well, actually it was a trackback to some jackass selling "p1lls and m3dz" or some such. Anyway, I've gone ahead and become a comment nazi. Y'all need to do the "type in the letters from a picture" bit now. *sniffle* I feel all "Mister-Big-Time-Blogger" now. My crappy ass homegrown blog never got comment spam. There will be a real entry at some point this week, promise.

Why Serendipity? And what's with the new site?

MetaBlog So what made me chose Serendipity? I wrote a pretty good Blogging engine a while back, DB Backed, Searchable, Secure and Safe comments, decent IFRAME-based front-page display, RSS Syndication.... Then my system crashed, and I lost that work, along with over 100 entries, lots of media and my will to rebuild the thing. In its place, I found the desire to rebuild all of in a unified way, with a CSS-Based theme, and so Serendipity (0.8) was chosen. Serendipity brings a collection of nice features, but more to the point, it brings a nice, unified look and feel which will eventually be carried over into the rest of the site. Look for improvements at the usual (glacial) pace :)