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Wikileaks, Lamo & Manning (Oh My!)


Wow, a blog post? Yeah, this one didn't fit in 140 characters...

So much hay has been made recently about Adrian Lamo (@6) "outing" SPC Manning for leaking the Collateral Murder tape & other somewhat embarrassing (you could even say downright shameful) activities that the US Government has been engaging in. Both sides are throwing their fits and I'm saddened to see that mud slinging has already begun, so here I stand in defense of... well... everyone.
For those who want my $0.02, here is is:

Don't crucify The Leaker for following his conscience.
Don't crucify Lamo for making a judgment call & doing the same.
For those interested in more, here's my $19.95 plus postage, handling and applicable taxes:

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F the CC - Joe Biden's F-Bomb


So the Vice President of the United States of America said "Fuck". On the air. Twice.
Big fucking deal.

I've been prodded by a few people about this, so here's my 90 second commentary:
Joey-B dropped the F-Bomb twice during daytime programming hours (well outside the 10pm - 6am "Safe Harbor" for cussing up a storm on the air).
The last time I checked the FCC was to levy a fine of $7000 for each violation (i.e. every time a word slips out over the air), scalable up to $32500 based on other factors, like a history of prior infringements (and we clearly have at least two violations here).

So I have a few quetions.

  1. Is the FCC going to fine all the broadcasters who carried this speech live-live (no delay) and/or those who carried it with a net & failed to hit the bleep button fast enough?
  2. Is the FCC going to fine either Joe Biden (personally) or the US Government (as an entity) for producing/distributing profane material?
  3. Will we ever get rid of our nation's irrational fear of the word FUCK and the sight of breasts?
... seriously folks, it's just a word. Get over it and move on.

WBAI Gone Country


On April 1, 2009 the Off the Hook crew staged a mock-takeover of WBAI/99.5FM (NY), rebranding the station as "Country 99.5".
They revived the takeover as part of the Fall 2009 fund drive, opening their October 21, 2009 show with the same clips. Since I was listening on my iPhone I managed to capture one of the "Station ID" breaks for your listening pleasure.

The original program can be found here, at the 2600/OTH archives. Much hilarity was had by all.

Obligatory Beg: If you're a WBAI listener please donate, volunteer, or both. The station is still trying to unwind years of financial mismanagement, and without help its continued existence is far from certain.

Obligatory Notice: This is not the place to bitch and moan about why your favorite faction is best suited to run WBAI, or for the various factions to snipe at eachother.
If you think you can do better than the current regime: Run for the LSB next year.
If you have ideas about how to help the station: Show up to LSB meetings & talk about them.
If you start shit here: Your comments will be screened and your IP blocked.

I feel stupid posting this notice on such a low-traffic blog, but some of the infighting going on around WBAI makes me wonder if we as a community are mature enough to have a station like this.

Barack Obama, a farce you can be appalled at.

Politics May I call your attention to the FISA Amendments act, and specifically to the 110th congress, 2nd session vote number 168. (For the lazy, Today Congress voted on amendments to FISA which include the unconstitutional granting of retroactive immunity to common carriers (telecom companies) who participated in President (G.W.) Bush's illegal wiretapping program. I would like to extend my personal thanks and sincere respect to Sen. Clinton and Sen. Schumer, both of whom voted Nay. I would like to extend a warm bucket of spit to Sen. Obama, who by his affirmative vote has earned my contempt and deepest loathing. A candidate who promises change is a wonderful thing, however this is ABSOLUTELY NOT the kind of change our country needs. Flagrantly disregarding our constitution and giving free passes to companies which have disregarded our laws and the most basic principles of privacy both implied in our constitution and expressly stated in both that document and numerous Supreme Court decisions is unpardonable, and I am now decidedly against Sen. Obama having any further political power - I urge you all to cast your votes for a more worthy candidate, and hope that in their wisdom the good people of Illinois will see fit to remove Sen. Obama from his office at the earliest opportunity. Oh, and lest Sen. McCain believe that he is off the hook by not voting - a crime of inaction is still a crime. You are no better than Sen. Obama and the others who voted to pass this travesty. Continue reading "Barack Obama, a farce you can be appalled at."